Senior Congress leader A.K. Antony on Thursday came down heavily on Congress leaders in Kerala and wanted them to conduct an introspection in the context of the serious crisis the party was facing in the State.

Addressing the centenary celebrations of the late K. Karunakaran here, Mr. Antony said the Congress as in a bigger and serious crisis than what Karunakaran had to face in 1967 when the Congress was reduced to a motley nine legislators. “In 1969, the Congress had the support of Indira Gandhi to come back into the reckoning. Don’t expect such a turn now because the Centre was being ruled by Narendra Modi who would not mind if the CPI(M) wins elections in order to achieve his objective of a Congress- free India.

“In Kerala, we don’t have leaders like E.M.S. Namboodiripad. The CPI(M) has leaders who would go to any extent to wield power. It was left to the Congress worker to introspect on whether the party should rise or perish. The Chengannur bypoll result is a lesson, but the Congress is a warring family. The main enemy of the Congress is not the CPI(M), but Congressmen themselves,” he said. Referring to the current controversy related to the Chengannur byelection result and the Rajya Sabha seat, Mr. Antony said Congressmen limit channel discussions, public statements and social media engagement. He advised YC and KSU workers to give up their social media profiles and work among the people.

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