Twitter, much like any other social media platform, often presents people with trends which may make one think “Why on Earth is this trending!”. Having said that, some of these trends are absolutely hilarious and often make people giggle hard. The latest inclusion to that list is ‘Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding’ trend.

Are you wondering how this trend works? Take a look at this tweet by Caitríona Balfe, famous for playing the role of Claire Fraser in the Outlander series, which will make things clearer for you.

And, here are some of the replies on her tweet:

Now, people can’t stop sharing the tweet where the rabbit is holding all sorts of things. In this tweet, it’s holding something which many may need as soon as they wake up in the morning and also several times throughout the day. Can you guess what it is?

What this bunny is holding is a necessity of the present time. It’s a mask.

Here are some more examples of the fine trend. Check and prepare to giggle:

What would you want the bunny to hold under this trend?

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