In a bizarre incident, a cop who went to investigate reports about a ‘severed foot’ discovered something which has now sparked a wave of laughter among people. It’s a discarded foot of a mannequin.

Delta Police Department, Canada took to Facebook to share this rather funny incident. In the caption they explained that a ‘distraught’ driver stopped one of their officers to report about the object. It’s when the officer reached the scene, the truth was discovered.

“While out on foot in Ladner, an officer is stopped by a driver passing by. The driver appears quite distraught and states that there is a severed foot roadside by the pump house. The officer heads to the pump house to investigate and comes upon this. Alarming, yes, but luckily it’s just the foot of a mannequin,” the police department wrote.

Quite hilariously they added, “If you happen upon a mannequin with a missing left foot, let them know that it can be found at the Delta Police Department.”

Take a look at the post:

Since being shared, the post has gathered tons of comments. There were many who seized the opportunity to share pun-filled comments.

“Wow the complainant’s observational skills needs some work. Too funny though,” wrote a Facebook user. “Something definitely was afoot,” joked another. “Brings the concept of “foot patrol” to a new level!” shared a third.

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