Popular TV actress Hina Khan, who garnered nationwide fame with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Bigg Boss 11, made her Bollywood debut this year with Vikram Bhatt’s Hacked. While the film failed to find audience in theatres, it is getting a great response on a streaming platform. Talking about it, Hina told HT, “Recently Kareena (Kapoor Khan) spoke up about nepotism and said quite bluntly, ‘If people feel there is so much nepotism, then don’t watch our films’. I agree that it’s the audiences, who decide what they want to watch- be it movies of star kids or newcomers or others. We make so much effort to get our movies into theatres but if we don’t get enough audiences, then blaming nepotism doesn’t help. People didn’t watch my debut film Hacked in theatres, because it didn’t star a big star’s daughter. Hacked was one of the top-most watched films during the lockdown on OTT. I want to urge the audiences to give us a chance to make it a level playing field. Bollywood mafia insider-outsider- these debates will end if audiences give us equal opportunities.”

Talking about the digital platform, Hina Khan added, “I feel for the considerable future, digital will rule and I am very happy with the opportunities I have been getting. People have responded to my acting and commented that they have seen growth in my performance and so have I.”

Hina Khan recently topped the Times Desirable list of TV 2019. Talking about it, she told TOI, “I think what connects me to my audience is the way I portray each character that I play. Mostly, these roles are very different from who I am, but I try to bring in the real me in them as well. Also, I put in a lot of effort in the way my character appears — the mix of real, probable, sexy and dreamy, and I think that makes me desirable.”

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