Big romantic gestures are nice but it’s the small everyday efforts that can really show someone how loved they are. This Mumbai man seems like a fan of the latter. He’s been featured on a post by Humans of Bombay and he’s here to remind everyone to share the load with their partners. He’s also got a profound message for everyone, so listen (or in this case read) up.

In the post, the man mentions how he was never a great cook. He could cook Maggi but even that didn’t quite come out perfect. Once he got married, his wife took over all the cooking duties, even while she was pregnant.

“Seeing her juggling an 11 hour job, cooking and taking care of our son, I knew the least I could do was help her cook,” he says in the post.

He began noticing the stress his wife was going through even though she didn’t say anything to him. “Besides, I felt a bit useless just chopping vegetables and switching off the gas. It was barely helpful, but it was all I was capable of,” he adds.

So he decided to rectify the situation and took up a six-month-long break from his job. Besides helping his wife out and spending more time with his son, he also used the time to take up cooking.

His wife had no idea until one day when he surprised her with a special meal. “I used tutorials and somehow managed to make it — it took me 4 hours!” he says.

His effort was ultimately all worth it when his wife said “’Mmmm, this is the best mutton curry I’ve ever eaten — where is it from?’” When I told her I made it, she was blown away!” he says.

He has since taken up cooking permanently in his household and has even reduced his working hours. “I’m loving this life. I feel so balanced and centered. But the best part has to be watching my wife do absolutely nothing after she comes home from work and eat the dinner I made with the biggest smile on her face,” he says.

The post even has more pictures of him with his family.

The post has struck a chord with many on Facebook, collecting over 12,000 reactions and more than 700 shares – and counting.

“I am glad that you noticed the hidden pain in her smile. Kudos to your effort. God bless your family,” says a Facebook user. “This is so important for all of us. This is one of my favourite stories now,” says another.

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