If you thought you’ve seen a whole lot of unusual things going on in the world recently; get ready for some more strangeness.

This, almost 30-second-long video, was posted on Reddit on April 1. Captioned “going for a walk”, it was shared on the subreddit called “rarepuppers”. And rare it is indeed!

The clip shows a person, dressed in an inflatable unicorn costume, walking their dogs. The individual is bobbing up and down as they hold onto the leash for two dogs. For the next few seconds, the video focuses on this unusual group as they walk closer to the cameraperson.

The post currently has almost 11,000 upvotes and 100 comments.

Going for a walk from r/rarepuppers

Redditors on the thread were torn about the reason and thus, effectiveness of this costume but not its hilarity. One person wrote, “when you don’t have a hazmat suit and want to walk the dogs”. While another said, “totally quarantine vibes. When you have to go outside and want to isolate yourself but also have some fun”.

A comment read, “now all the humans are off the streets the dogs have managed to coax out all the unicorns in hiding! I knew they were real”. Another Reddit user wrote, “and the dogs are so nonchalant about it, like they do this all the time”.

Those on the subreddit couldn’t reach a consensus about whether this get-up was actually effective in providing protection against the spread of novel coronavirus. But one person did say, “I love that there are people out there willing to do things like this to bring a smile to someone’s face”.

What are your thoughts on this unicorn walking its dogs? Did it make your day, made you smile, or infuriated you a little?

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