Ohmkar hosts the Telugu show featuring couples whose wedding stories capture both heartwarming and challenging moments

Host-turned-director Ohmkar is back on television with Season 2 of the celebrity couple reality show iShmart Jodi on Star Maa. The first season, that premiered two years ago, had 12 couples testing the strength of their love in different segments. The format is the same with grand sets and entertaining rounds but what sets this season apart is the wedding stories narrated by jodis. The narrative is filled with heartwarming and challenging moments when the couples’ plans to marry did not meet with the approval of their families, Ohmkar discussing this estrangement and delivering messages without being preachy.

Speaking over the phone, Ohmkar shares, “Three brands, from our production house, Oak Entertainments, iShmart Jodi, Sixth Sense and Dance Plus are aired on Star Maa channel on a rotation basis with new seasons bringing in innovative segments. I was not seen on the channel for four months and now I hope to create a memorable viewing experience for the audience.”

Jodis connect

iShmart Jodi Season 2 has 12 couples from different fields within the cinema and television industry divided into two groups. It is a mixed group where one couple (Avinash and Anuja) have been married for only two months, another (Preeti Nigam and Nagesh Karra) has been married for 22 years. The way every jodi (couple) connects is different. Ohmkar claims, “Couples sharing stories of their journey of understanding each other’s personality, their compatibility and factors contributing to their relationship not only make for a great story to watch on screen but also bridge interpersonal communication gaps among couples watching the show.“

Other participating couples include Kaushal and Neelima, Amma Rajasekhar and Radha Rajasekhar, Shiva Reddy and Swati, Lahari and Dhiren, Eknath and Harika, Maheshwari and Shivnag, Vishwa and Shraddha, Lahari and Dhiren, Baba Master and Revathi, Harshitha and Vinay and Kaushik and Bhavya.

Ohmkar | Photo Credit: special arrangement

Ohmkar stays true to his title of the small screen’s favourite annayya (elder brother) during the discussion round. The couples Eknath-Harika and Maheshwari-Shivnag had a love marriage. “Although Harika’s mother supported her, her father disapproved of the marriage so the two have not been on talking terms. Maheshwari has been married for eight years but due to fights and arguments, she has not spoken to her parents all these years. I told them to think from their parents’ perspective and not to nurse resentments but try to speak with them. I do not intend to chide or moralise present my point of view like a sibling. We hope the television audience watching the show too will be encouraged to bridge differences in their own families,”

In the last few days, Ohmkar has hardly slept four hours, due to shoots and editing. “We have at least three months to edit a two-hour movie but we had to finish editing three hours of content for television in five days. The wedding episode had to be carefully edited so that we do not lose out on the context.”

His schedule often goes haywire while managing different roles on television and in films. The one routine that has remained unchanged in all these years Ohmkar says, “I don’t even drink water until I take a bath and pray.“ His wishes for 2022? “Hope it is a healthy and wealthy year for all.” For now, his focus is on iShmart Jodi Season 2 and hopes to either do a movie or a new reality show for television.

(iShmart Jodi Season 2 airs on Star Maa on Saturdays/Sundays from 9 pm to 10.30 pm)

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