An adorable and amusing video of a kid shared on Twitter by his dad has now left many smiling. There is a high possibility that the clip will leave you with a happy heart too.

The video was shared by trainer Chase Ingraham and it shows his little boy Dylan. “My son made up his own @CrossFit workout today without any guidance from me at all,” Ingraham wrote while sharing the clip.

What does the video exactly shows? Take a look yourself:

Since being shared, the video has gathered close to 14,000 views. It has also received tons of comments. What’s even more endearing is that there were many who wrote they would totally follow the little one’s workout routine. Are you among them too?

“So cute,” wrote a Twitter user. “I’ll follow his programming anytime!!” expressed another. “He is so awesome and adorable!” commented a third. He indeed is.

An individual declared, “I’m programming this on Monday. Another said, “This is brilliant.”

What do you think of the video?

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