A 19-year-old woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly killing her 8-year-old brother-in-law by drowning him in a drum full of water in Metiabruz, Kolkata. She was jealous of the attention the boy received from the rest of the family, the victim’s mother said.

Riju Das was found dead in the drum kept in a bathroom on June 29.

On Monday night, Priyanka Das confessed to her husband that when she found Riju bathing in the tall drum, she covered it with the lid and held it down till he died, said Dolly Das, the mother of the victim.

“We did not have the faintest idea that Priyanka could have been behind this. We took it as an accident. But for the past two days she has been telling my son that she has committed an act that deserves no mercy. On Monday night she confessed that she killed by son,” said Das whose elder son Subrata, 22, married Priyanka last year.

On Monday morning, Priyanka went to the Metiabruz police station with her husband. She was later arrested.

Priyanka is currently being questioned by police. Deputy commissioner of police (port division) Syed Waquar Raza said she will be produced in court on Wednesday. A case of murder has been registered, Raza said.

According to Dolly Das, Priyanka told her husband and the police that she felt jealous that being the youngest member of the family, Riju received all the affection and pampering. She felt that Subrata was neglected.

“Recently, my husband purchased a long- term life insurance policy with Riju as the sole nominee. This made Priyanka even more furious. She confessed that after this incident she decided to kill Riju. I still cannot imagine that she could take such an extreme step,” said Dolly Das.

Priyanka reportedly confessed to her husband and later to the police that she had seen Riju often getting into the water drum for a bath. “Riju did the same on June 29. Priyanka entered the bathroom and put the lid back. She held it tightly until Riju died, “ said Dolly Das.

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