Kabir Singh fame actor Nikita Dutta is quite a fitness junkie and her Instagram account is proof. She shares her fitness secrets.

Which is the one breakfast food that you must have?

Whole eggs. There couldn’t be a better way to kick start your system for the day than this.

One fattening item that you cannot resist?

Chocolate. It is good in moderation but when it comes to chocolate, I always tend to overeat.

How do you get back in shape post a fattening indulgence?

Post my cheat day, I make sure I drink extra water than my daily intake, for the next two days, to flush it all out of my system. Also a little extra cardio for the next few days helps.

Do you prefer mini meals? What do they normally contain?

Yes. I have seven to eight meals throughout the day — breakfast, lunch and dinner being slightly heavier than the rest. But having something every two-and-a-half to three hours is a must.

A diet plan that works for you?

I do not follow any diet plan. I have been following the three simple rules — eating seasonal, avoiding packaged food and eating at regular times.

Do you work out at home? What are the exercises that you follow?

I have this mini-gym that I have made at home. Most of the equipment is for functional and mat exercises. It covers up for cardio and weight training on days I can’t make it to the gym.

Do you prefer outdoor or indoor physical activity?

Being a marathon runner, I prefer doing outdoor. But it’s not always feasible. So, I have to stick to an indoor workout.

Your favourite physical activity?

Running and cycling have to be on top of the list. Apart from that, I do enjoy kick-boxing a lot.

A health tip that you rely on?

Listen to your body when it comes to food and exercise. Don’t overdo or under-do either.

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