A farmer and his son were found hanging from a tree under suspicious circumstances in an agricultural field in Jabalpur district, 370 km east of Bhopal, on Saturday morning, said police.

“In the preliminary investigation, it was found that the 52-year-old farmer and his 28-year-old son died by suicide. They had a fight with each other on Friday night as the son spent a part of the payment received after selling paddy crop on unimportant things, said Anni Lal, town inspector of Majhgawan police station.

“The farmer’s wife said recently her husband had sold paddy crops and received payment. She didn’t know the exact amount. But her son spent some money without asking his father. On Friday night when the farmer came to know about it, they had a fight over this issue,” said the police officer.

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On Saturday morning, the son went to an agricultural field and allegedly took his own life by hanging himself from a branch of a tree. A few minutes later, the farmer reached the field and hung himself too. Later, villagers informed the police, said the officer.

Police are investigating the matter.

(with inputs from Monika Pandey from Jabalpur )

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