A common perception that most of us have is that ensuring our children have a balanced diet will ensure that they are healthy. However, is that really enough? What about the absorption of nutrients into the body? While a balanced diet is necessary, it is even more important to ensure that the nutrients your child consumes are in fact absorbed by their body else the food consumed provides no benefits.

While there are several factors that affect the absorption of nutrients in the human body, one of the most important factors is the food itself. A combination of different food items will contribute significantly to the overall absorption of nutrients in the human body.

5 Factors that can Increase the Absorption of Nutrients

1. Ensure there is variety in Meals:

A variety of different coloured foods will not only pique a child’s interest but also prove to be healthy for them in the long run. For instance, a salad with roasted vegetables along with a fruit juice will ensure they get all the vital nutrients and the same shall also ensure that they are absorbed effectively into the bloodstream.

Nutrients Help Nutrients: How a Balanced Diet, Hydration and Food Pairings Play a Role in Nutrition Absorption in Children


2. Pair Foods Right:

Some nutrients are known to help increase the absorption of other nutrients. For instance, when consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, D, E or K, such as tofu, dry fruits, etc., give them some fat-rich foods such as avocados, flaxseed oil or anything else. Vitamins are fat-soluble nutrients and oils and avocados aid in their absorption.

Similarly, when you are consuming foods rich in iron, ensure that you consume a citrus fruit juice such as a lemon juice. The Vitamin C in citrus fruits aids in the absorption of iron. Moreover, foods that are rich in Vitamin D increase the overall absorption of Calcium by almost 65%.

3. Consider Supplements:

Supplements in the form of chewy calcium tablets or milk flavouring are known to have a high amount of bioavailable nutrients. They significantly increase the overall absorption of nutrients in the body and thus aid growth. Also, most of these supplements are known to attract a child’s attention. Just ensure that you give supplements with food as that is when they are most absorbent and affective.

4. Lifestyle Changes:

In the present day, our loves are becoming more and more sedentary. This lack of physical activity is known to affect our overall health and especially our digestive systems adversely. Ensure that your children lead an active lifestyle will not only keep their digestive system functioning smoothly, but also aid in an overall healthy lifestyle.

5. Ensure your Children are Hydrated:

This is perhaps the most overlooked but important aspects when it comes to nutrient absorption. When your body does not get enough fluids, there is an immediate effect on the digestive system and consequently, on the stools. The human digestive system is reliant on the hydration level and the same is also applicable to the absorption of nutrients.

As said above, the nutrient absorption system works in-sync with a lot of different factors and unless one ensures that all the systems are taken care of, absorption of nutrients will not happen in a balanced manner. This can not only lead to deficiencies of nutrients but also affect your child’s day-to-day functioning. Ensuring a healthy diet along with a healthy dose of add-ons and supplements will truly help your child grow stronger both mentally as well as physically.

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