The fur is about to fly. Animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has selected the 10 finalists for India’s ‘cutest rescued cat’ contest.

The cats were selected after sifting through hundreds of photographs of lovable pets and reading through their rescue stories, a release from PETA, India, said.

Public voting for the contest through the website ends on July 30. Among the finalists is Stitch, whose guardian is Tania Rodrigues, a resident of Goa.

When Tania found Stitch, he was hiding in a bush next to a highway, and his two siblings were playing on the road. She decided to keep Stitch and found homes for his siblings. “I fell in love with the third kitten because he slept next to me on my bed the whole night without moving. So, I kept him and named him Stitch,” says Ms. Rodrigues.

“All rescued cats are already winners because their lives were saved by people who love them for who they are,” says PETA India CEO Manilal Valliyate.

PETA holds the contest to encourage prospective guardians to adopt animals from the streets or shelters instead of buying them from pet shops or breeders, as these businesses often keep animals in dismal conditions.

Animals in pet shops are also often bought on impulse and discarded when buyers get tired of them.

The guardian of the lucky kitty who is named the cutest rescued cat will receive a certificate and gifts, which include a copy of the book
One Can Make a Difference.

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