You must have heard of the phrase “dogs are a man’s best friend.” Well, this video gives a tiny insight into how sometimes those friendships happen. An old video, circulating online and bringing people joy all over again, shows a dog hugging a man. What’s more heartwarming than the video itself is the story related to this special hug. The clip has gone viral all over Twitter again and people just can’t get enough of the dog-human friends captured in it.

The adorable moment happened when a journalist visited an animal shelter of abandoned dogs to cover a story. According to the posts circulating, the dog clung to the man’s leg and refused to let go. Was it love at first sight? Or simply an instant connection? Who knows. But the dog chose his human and refused to let him go. In an amazing turn of events, the journalist couldn’t resist adopting him and took him home with him.

Since being shared, a tweet on this story, posted by Rex Chapman, has received more than 67,000 retweets and over 3.7 lakh ‘likes’ on Twitter.

Not just reactions, many people have shared their own experience of adopting their pets.

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First Published:
Jul 11, 2019 19:57 IST

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