A day after Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announced that he was ready to undergo a drug test, Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Rana K.P. Singh on Friday voluntarily took a dope test at the Mohali Civil Hospital.

Coming out after the test, the Speaker said, “It is very disheartening that Punjab, the land of gurus and legendary warriors, is facing such a menace.”

Calling for sensitising the youth, he said there was an urgent need to further increase the vigil on the International Border to stop the inflow of drugs.

The Speaker appealed to all political parties to join hands with the State government in its fight against the menace and said there was an urgent need to build a mass movement.

“It is a complex problem. Neither did it crop up in days nor will it be cured immediately,” he said. “If there is a wound on any part of our body, we should treat the wound first and not suggest to amputate that part of the body. We should come forward to solve this (drug) problem and bring back Punjab’s lost sheen,” the Speaker said.

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