In 2015, three best friends decided to get together and start making videos for Youtube on topics ranging from comedy to science fiction. They named their channel Round2hell, and all they wanted to do was become famous. Not only did they get famous, but now their earnings too come from the quirky videos they make, with their channel having 11.2 million subscribers from only 57 videos.

In a candid chat, Zayn, Wasim and Nazim, the three founders of Youtube channel Round2hell told us about their viral videos, how they create their content and their most challenging video yet in the new series, Cyber Heroes.

“The first 2-3 videos didn’t get a great response but we carried on. However, after one of our videos went viral, we thought we should definitely continue,” says Wasim.


“People think we are uneducated but we are all science students and have tried for IIT also, although we could not get admission,” Zayn explains.

The three continuously strive to create content which is not there on Youtube, so that their viewers get to see something unique everytime they log on to their channel. From Aladdin to parallel worlds and more, their channel has covered a range of interesting ideas.

Although shooting these videos might seem easy to a viewer, actually there is a lot of hard work, patience and time which goes into them. Talking about their most challenging video yet, they say it was their PUBG video which took 18 days to shoot. Each of them had around 7 different roles which they were playing.


But what about their use of slang language?

“If you see Netflix, Amazon and other OTT platforms, all of them have all sorts of slang language which is used because in certain scenes to get the actual feel that slang is important,” says Nazim.

With a huge fan base one has to wait and watch to see what these three have in store for us and their passionate fans in the months and years to come.

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