Bhopal police on Tuesday arrested a murder convict for killing another man three years after he was released from jail. Police was able to crack the case after studying several cases of murder in the past and finding a similarity in the manner of killing of five persons in 2000 by the suspect.

Maniram Sen, 58, the murder convict and resident of Ashoka Garden in Bhopal, was arrested for allegedly murdering Aadil Wahab, a resident of Bhopal, with a stone on November 7, said Rajesh Bhadoriya, additional superintendent of police (ASP), Bhopal.

“Maniram Sen had borrowed Rs 17,000 from Aadil Wahab in the name of helping him find a hidden treasure. When he didn’t get any hidden treasure, Wahab started demanding his money back. Sen took Wahab to the forest in Sukhi Sewaniya area in Bhopal on the day of the crime. He started demonstrating some occult practices and asked Wahab to close his eyes. When Aadil shut his eyes, Sen hit Wahab with a stone and killed him,” the ASP said.

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Police recovered Wahab’s body the next day from the forest of Sukhi Sewaniya area.

Police cracked the case and arrested the killer after going through several old cases of murder and interrogating at least 74 people, said the police officer.

In 2000, Sen had killed five people in Vidisha district in a similar fashion after blindfolding the five victims on the pretext of performing a special ritual to help them find a hidden treasure. Sen hit and killed all the five people to death with a stone. He was arrested in 2002 and the court sentenced him to life imprisonment. He was released from jail in 2017.

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