In a video that is fascinating as well as somewhat scary, two feisty Mulga snakes were captured fighting with each other. The clip was shared on Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s (AWC) official Facebook profile.

“Hiss and make up?” they wrote in the caption. They also described that the snakes were seen fighting for about an hour in their Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. The caption also cited a quote from AWC ecologist Tali Moyle, the individual who recorded the clip.

“Mating season starts in early spring and the males start wrestling, attempting to push each other over to prove their dominance, for the right to mate with the females. Although Mulga Snakes are fairly common, it’s not too often you see this behaviour – this is only the second time I’ve seen it,” Moyle said.

“Never a dull moment at Scotia. The 65,000-hectare sanctuary encompasses a large fox and cat-free area (8,000 hectares) and protects some of Australia’s largest remaining populations of threatened wildlife,” the organisation wrote in the caption’s concluding lines.

We won’t spoil the fun by describing what the clip shows. Take a look yourself:

Since being shared, the post has gathered nearly 2.8 lakh views. It has also received tons of comments. While some had questions, others were simply fascinated.

“What incredible footage!! Thanks for sharing,” wrote a Facebook user. “Amazing to see! I would assume fangs would get involved. Very civilised!” shared another. “Beautiful footage. Thanks so much for sharing,” commented a third.

What do you think of the video?

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