Back in 2013, American singer and actor Anna Kendrick’s Cups song went viral. Netizens filled the Internet with recordings of themselves trying out The Cup Song Challenge. They would try to stack the cups and clap their hands rhythmically, much like Kendrick did in the official music video of the track, and sing the folk song When I’m Gone.

Nevertheless, that was seven years ago. Now, get ready to see ‘cup stacking’ in a whole new light with this fantastic video which shows an individual speed stacking cups into various sequences in just under eight seconds. Watching this man’s exceptional skills may leave you in awe.

Posted November 22, this recording was shared by Instagram user Dan Klein. The caption shared alongside the post states that Klein’s record of cup stacking is 7.80 seconds.

Check out the recording below to see how quickly and seamlessly Klein arranges these cups into different sequences. Be prepared to be amazed:

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Since being shared on the Internet, this post has captured the attention of netizens. The share has presently garnered nearly 7,400 views and many comments from impressed Instagram users.

Here is what people had to say about the post. One person said, “This is such a hard flex”.

Another individual pondered, “Man, how is this possible”. “Bro, you are awesome,” read one comment under the post.

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