Although Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, following strong criticism, had decided to roll back his plan to introduce English as a medium of instruction in government primary schools, the Department of Primary and Secondary Education appears to be making preparations to go ahead with the original proposal.

It is making preparations to introduce English as the medium of instruction in 1,000 government schools across the State.

Review meeting

At a monthly programme implementation calendar review meeting that was held last week, the department officials were asked to finalise a proposal to start English-medium sections in these schools on a pilot basis.

“We have been asked to submit a proposal. It will then have to be subjected to inter-department consultation before it goes to the Cabinet,” said a source in the department.

Budget promise

Another official in the department pointed out that they had not received any communication from the Chief Minister’s Office to withdraw the budget promise.

“We are waiting for orders. If we get some order, we will begin preparation to correct the budget promise,” the official added.

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