Former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman recently took to Twitter to share an inspiring story of a farmer hailing from a village in Karnataka. The post about the farmer’s unique water mill has garnered much praise from netizens. The intelligence of the farmer and his innovative creation may impress you too.

“Incredible- A farmer from rural Karnataka, Siddappa has designed a water mill to generate electricity and operates it in the canal near his house,” reads a part of the caption shared by Laxman. The tweet is complete with a picture that shows Siddappa in front of his makeshift water mill made using plastic baskets.

“He spent just Rs. 5,000 on the construction, and gets 150 watts of power from this water mill when water flows in the canal,” the caption adds.

Take a look at the share:

Shared on January 3, the post has garnered over 15,500 likes. Laxman, in a follow up tweet, also gave more information about Siddappa’s innovative creation.

People shared many appreciative reactions in the comments section. Many also lauded the farmer’s genius efforts.

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