Keeping a house clean is a basic chore in all households. However, once in a while, there comes the need for professional cleaners who can add that their little magical touch to make the home nice and shiny. However, some homes pose a challenge even for professional cleaners. Case in point, these pictures of a house for which the word dirty is an understatement.

Taking to Facebook, Senior Waste Removals shared this story encountered by their crew. They embarked on a journey to clean a house, which, besides being extremely litter-filled, also had “a family of about 20 mice living in the kitchen.”

Were they able to clean the place? Read the entire post and see the images to know:

Since being shared September 8, the post has gathered tons of comments from people. While some expressed their disgust, others congratulated the crew on a job well done.

“Fantastic job,” wrote a Facebook user. “Wow! I think you guys and the mice were pretty brave to tackle that!” joked another. “How on earth can anyone live like that??” asked a third. “You deserve medals dealing with that!” said a fourth.

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