The 2017 animated film Coco was widely revered for its stunning animation, complex characters, and tear-jerking storyline. If you’ve seen the movie, then you may also remember its fantastic soundtrack. Now, a beloved song, Un Poco Loco, from Coco is back on netizens’ minds but for a novel yet equally impressive reason.

Posted on Reddit on October 15, this recording is almost 50 seconds long. “The way her dress flows,” reads the caption of the post.

The recording shows a woman wearing a black dress which is embroidered with lace and colourful frills. Initially, she is seen with a guitar but as soon as the lyrics from Un Poco Loco begin she puts the instrument away and starts dancing.

The dancer’s moves are impeccable. However, it is how she comprises the design of her dress into her flawless movements that has left netizens amazed.

Check out the recording and get ready to be mesmerised:

Since being shared on the subreddit ‘oddly satisfying’, this post has garnered over 1 lakh upvotes and more than 1,600 comments

Here are some appreciative words that Redditors left under the share. One person said, “49 second is not enough”. Would you like to see a longer version of this performance as well?

Another individual wrote, “Love the colors”. Indeed, the colours are very vibrant. “Mesmerizing,” read one comment under the post.

What are your thoughts on this share? Have you been left amazed as well? Are you now thinking of rewatching Coco too?

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