Some people never fail to come up with funny pranks to try on their close ones. And all the hilarious prank videos on the Internet prove the same. Adding to that treasure trove of videos is this clip of a woman who hands her husband a fake baby to see his reaction. Chances are you will find it hard to stop laughing after watching this video.

Shared on Instagram by Kristy Sarah, the video features her baby boy and her husband, Desmond. The clip opens with the shot of Sarah’s baby as the text ‘giving my husband a fake baby and seeing if he notices’ appears on the screen. The scene transitions to Sarah handing a carefully wrapped toy baby to Desmond who is playing a video game with full concentration. We won’t spoil the fun for you, so check out the whole prank and don’t miss Desmond’s hilarious reaction to the incident, towards the end.

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Posted on October 14, the video has garnered over 3.6 lakh views along with many comments from netizens. While some couldn’t control their laughter after watching Desmond’s reaction to the prank, others found the clip to be just pure fun. Many also dropped heart and fire emojis to show their love for the video.

“His laugh gets me every time!” wrote an Instagram user. “That damn laugh! Takes the jokes from a 8 to a 30,” commented another. “There is not enough air in my lungs to support the hilariousness of this video,” said a third.

If you’re still laughing at the prank, check out the full version of the joke here.

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