Chris Gayle, the West Indies superstar shared his views on the upcoming 50-over World Cup in India later this year.

According to Gayle, he predicts India, England, Pakistan, and New Zealand to be the four semi-finalists in the tournament.

However, when it comes to the highly anticipated India-Pakistan clash in Ahmedabad on October 15, Gayle offers a different perspective. He emphasises the massive revenues generated by these two teams whenever they face each other, especially in a World Cup.

“Whenever those teams play, especially in a World Cup, the revenues they generate is humongous. One game can take care of the entire ICC event. Pakistan and India players should demand a lot of money for those games because those games are high paid games TV wise.”

“I don’t control the board or the ICC. If I was in their position I would want a lot more,” he said (laughing).

When it comes to the World Cup in India, Gayle expresses his belief in his long-time Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) teammate, Virat Kohli, dominating the tournament on home soil.

“Tough times don’t last long tough players last longer. Virat is tough mentally as well physically. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t go to this World Cup and dominate. As players, we always go through phases where things seem a bit dull and you need positive energy around to uplift yourself. Once we get back in the groove, we know how dangerous we can be.”

“I know India have not won an ICC trophy in a long time and same is the case with us (West Indies). We last won in 2016. Pressure will be on India as they play at home as favourites,” Gayle reckoned.

Performance of West Indies in qualifiers upsetting

Two time world champions West Indies are on the brink of elimination from the ODI World Cup qualifiers in Harare and that has saddened Gayle.

“It is upsetting. I have been a part of Qualifiers before. Sad to be in such a situation. Things have not gone our way going into the Super Six. It is going to be tough. I will be very very disappointed not seeing the West Indies in the World Cup here in India,” Gayle, a two-time winner of the T20 World Cup.

Will continue to play in franchise leagues

Gayle, who last played international cricket in 2021, has no immediate plans to announce his retirement. He would continue to play in leagues around the world, both professional and veteran events.

“I don’t think there will be any international cricket from my point of view. After the World Cup (in 2021), I was supposed to have a farewell game. It did not happen. We have a new president in place, so I don’t see it happening. But I have not made an announcement as yet.”

“I am still active but won’t be playing so often.”

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