Phil Foden, who garnered fame during the U-17 World Cup in 2017, is touted to be one of the key players for England in the future.

Phil Foden was one of the key players for England in title-winning U-17 World Cup last year. The youngster scored two goals in the final against Spain to help his side attain a 5-2 victory. A year later, the youngster is touted to be one of the upcoming key players for England in the 2022 World Cup, with coach Gareth Southgate recognising the absence of a creative midfielder among the ranks in the senior team. Speaking to the reporters in the US, the Manchester City midfielder said, “It all gives me confidence when I read things like that. I’m going to push for it and hopefully, I can play more minutes and be there. The England squad is still young, they’re still learning,” Foden said.

Foden, who visited Russia as a fan to watch England’s opening World Cup game against Tunisia last month, added, “I was in Russia for a week, I watched the first game and it was great. Hopefully, I’ll be playing in four years time. It’s important to get that feel and experience, definitely,” he said.

Foden, recently, refused the opportunity to play for England in U-19 European Championships, and join City’s squad in the US Tour. Explaining his decision, he said, “If you do go to a World Cup, you’ll be ready for it. At the time (During U-17 World Cup), Pep (Guardiola) said it was better for me to go and play. I listened to him and I’m glad I did. (This time) It was more down to the fact that Pep wanted to keep me here and I wanted to stay here as well. I feel I will develop more playing against older people and better players,” he said.

Foden, who made 10 appearances for City last season, including a Champions League debut, added he wants the chance to showcase his talent. “I I really want the chance to impress. It was a great opportunity to make my debut last season. I do feel a bit more responsibility now but it’s good to feel that. It keeps you on your toes and makes you play better,” he said.

“I want to try to follow the senior players and learn from them – David Silva was my idol growing up and getting advice from him now is great,” he added.

Manchester City will face off against Bundesliga Champions Bayern Munich in Miami on Saturday in a pre-season match.

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