The Croatian fans can be credited a lot for all that the team achieved in Russia.

Be it on the streets or restaurants or pubs around the city, the Croatian fans were celebrating the special moment of their historical achievement in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

For a tiny nation with a population of little over four million, the lucky few who could muster the funds to come all the way to watch their team’s unprecedented success in the World Cup did not wish to miss a moment of their team’s accomplishment.

While in the stadium, they cheered the team intensely through every match and instilled optimism in the team that overcame a mountain of hurdles to reach the final.

The passion of the Croatian supporters won many hearts as they unfurled a giant banner reading ‘Spasibo Rossiya’ that thanked the Russians for their hospitality. This huge banner, carried by scores of fans, moved around the city and the Luzhniki Stadium expressing courtesy to the host nation for making the World Cup ever so memorable.

That was the spirit of the hundreds of diehard fans of the tiny Balkan nation.

They outshouted the fans of every other participating team in making their country the most notable performer in the tournament.

(The writer was in Moscow at the invitation of KIA Motors)

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