The Madras High Court has closed a writ petition that wanted the Tamil Nadu Table Tennis Association (TNTTA) to hold an election with a retired High Court judge as observer.

Justice N. Sathish Kumar disposed of the writ petition after taking note of the election observer, retired High Court judge S. Rajeswaran, saying that the election is over.

Seeking direction

A.V. Vidyasagar, secretary of the Kancheepuram District Table Tennis Association, had earlier filed a writ petition seeking a direction to TNTTA, represented by its secretary T.K. Vijayarangam to conduct the election and the annual general body meeting scheduled to be held on May 27 this year, strictly as per the articles of association and its constitution.

On May 24, the High Court had appointed Justice S. Rajeswaran, a retired judge, as observer. “Now the report of the election observer has been received and the same indicates that the election is over,” the order stated.

The writ petition was tagged along with a civil suit filed by another party.

The judge noted that there was an argument that the conduct of the election was against the bylaws and orders have been obtained in the writ petition by “suppressing certain facts”.

“I am of the view that with regard to the conduct of the elections, the plaintiff is at liberty to raise the grounds in the plaint itself or in the application filed by him.

“As the relief sought in the writ petition is over, the court is of the view that no further order is required in the writ petition,” Justice Sathish Kumar said and closed the writ petition.

Reacting to the High Court judgement, Vidyasagar contended that since the writ petition has been declared closed by the High Court, his group is the officially recognised body.

His rival J. Selvakumar, however, refused to buy that argument. He said: “The same judge Sathish Kumar has said he will hear the suit filed by us that challenges the Retired Judge Rajeswaran’s report. In fact, the next hearing will be held on July 19.”

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