The biggest legacy of the 2018 World Cup could well be the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system. There are critics yes, but there are many who feel football is much better for it.

For instance, former India captain I.M. Vijayan.

“I am all for it as it has made the World Cup not just fairer but a lot more exciting, too,” Vijayan told
The Hindu
. “When technology is available, you should use it.”

He said that was one lesson all should learn from the history of the World Cup. “There are many instances that come to mind,” he said. “How can we ever forget the Frank Lampard incident?”

He was referring to the last-16 match at the 2010 World Cup between England and Argentina. England was trailing 1-2 when Lampard’s goal was disallowed, though it had gone beyond the line after hitting the crossbar. England went on to lose the match.

“I felt sorry for England,” said Vijayan, one of India’s greatest footballers of all time. “Another good thing about VAR is that there could be fewer fouls because players would know that they would be caught on camera.”

He said the World Cup was so exciting that one could not afford to miss a single moment. “There have been several great matches, but my favourite is the one between Belgium and Japan,” he said. “The way Japan fought against such a strong side is something all Asians can be proud of.”

He said Argentina was his favourite. “I also like France,” he said. “Kylian Mbappe is the best striker for me at this World Cup. We will see him dominating world football in years to come as he is just 19.

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