With multiple members of the family logging in during this period of lockdown, streaming site debuts option to log in from different profiles

Amazon Prime Video has been one of the go-to OTT platforms in the recent times of quarantine and self-isolation, especially in India, where a lot of Hindi and other regional films immediately find presence, weeks after their release in theatres.

But one gripe users have always had with the platform is the lack of separate ‘profile’ options for different viewers: something that the likes of Netflix and the newly-introduced Disney Plus have offered to consumers.

Now, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and multiple members of the family binge-watching on the same account, Amazon Prime Video has finally decided to introduce the multiple profiles option that lets people have their own separate watch history, recommendations, progress on a show/ movie, as well as a watch list. The option can be seen on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Upto six profiles can be created, compared to Netflix’s five, and the option of a kid’s profile is present as well. The new profiles can be deleted as well, and they have coloured avatars to identify between them.

Amazon has stated that Prime Video profiles are currently available in selected countries only. In India, Prime Video has been quite affordable at Rs 999 a year, but in other countries like the US where it costs around $120 a year, this comes as a welcome surprise for different members in a household to manage their watch profiles.

Amazon Prime Video profiles can be created and managed on select devices: Android and iOS devices, Fire tablets, Prime Video app on Fire TV (India-only), Chromecast, select Apple TVs, and in browsers everywhere. The option is not available on the Fire TV home screen, Alexa devices with a screen, and Fire Gen 9 or below tablets.

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