Anupamaa upcoming spoiler alert: In the latest track of Anupamaa, we see Dimpy wants her property. And finally, Anupamaa said her Baa Bapuji told her to make one decision, but they had trust in Anupamaa and decided to take the decision, and finally, Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) made a big decision. and separates Samar and Dimpy, but she clearly tells her that if they want to be separated, everything will be separated, and finally Dimpy and Samar agree to be separated from their family, but Baa (Apara Mehta) is totally broken as her family is finally broken on the other side. We see Once again, Anupamaa, and Anuj giving strength to each other. and spend beautiful time with each other. Well, after a long time, we see Anupamaa and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) Smiling leaving all the stress they experienced. But Adhik had crossed all the limits and again tortured Pakhi. But will this be the end of the Pakhi-Adhik relationship?

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming track of Anupamaa, we see that once again Adhik hits Pakhi, Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) sees, but again he makes her understand that Pakhi is misbehaving with him, but a mother knows her daughter, so she goes to talk to her. Let’s wait to see the twist: will Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) tell Anupamaa everything, or will she give one chance to Adhik? Let’s see what Pakhi will do.

Anupamaa is the top-running show on television, as this show has had 1000 episodes, and viewers love Anupamaa, aka Rupali Ganguly. Because she is the motivation of every woman and viewers always give them so much love, Anupamaa Show always stands at number one on their TRP list. Well, viewers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming twist when, finally, Samar and Dimpy realize their mistakes and come back to their family. Let’s wait to see what happens.

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In the future track of an Anupamaa, we may see that Pakhi will expose Barkha and Adhik and throw them out of their house. We may see that they reached out to Malti Devi. Will Malti Devi (Apara Mehta) give them a chance? Well, it might be possible. The upcoming track of Anupamaa is going to be very interesting because we may see that Malti Devi will point out Choti Anu. Let’s see if Anupamaa saves Choti Anu. Let’s wait to see the next twist.


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