After Kireeti left the house, housemates in Telugu Bigg Boss sit down and talk about the relationship between Tejaswi, Tanish, Samrat and Sunainaa. The discussion happens among Shyamala, Nandini, Shyamala and Bhanu. They speak ill of Tanish and how he looks at Sunainaa. Bhanu also says that Sunainaa didn’t like him initially, but now calls him her bro. They also point out that she sat outside the jail when he was locked up.

The four also discuss Tejaswi and Samrat, which Tejaswi overhears and feels bad. She shares her feelings with Babu Gogineni, explaining that she was in a relationship where alcoholism and her profession as an actor came in the way of the relationship. She also shares with him that her relationship with Samrat is just in the beginning stages and the two are happy looking at each other and caring for each other.

She also feels that the people who discuss her personal life in the house are assassinating her character. Babu convinces her that feeling love for someone is a great feeling and all she needs to do is make sure that this is not a rebound. She assures him that she has no emotional baggage from her previous relationship and she stepped into the house in high spirits.

Tejaswi then speaks to Samrat in the washroom where Amit is also present and the three are disgusted with the way the housemates are behaving. Samrat says, “Fu** people.” The two of them then go and tell Bhanu, “We have grown close because the two of us shared about each other’s past and that one second brought us close. We are friends and will remain friends outside too and if there is something else brewing between us that is personal and none of anyone’s business in the house.”

Tejaswi specifically says that it will not be nice if she hears conversations about her character in the house from now.

Sunainaa is also feeling down, and tells Tanish that she will maintain distance from everyone in the house now. He asks why she is acting like a kid, and she says she is looking at the adults changing in the house and she is also going to do the same. She also says she will now begin sleeping on time.

Bigg Boss then calls for Amit and Tanish and gives them a secret task. The two are supposed to tell a tale to the housemates and make them believe it too. The two decide to make the tale about Tanish and Sunainaa and what the others are speaking behind their back. Accordingly, Tanish walks out to smoke as soon as he comes out of the confession room.

The other housemates are worried and also curious about what happened as Tanish was teary-eyed when he went to the smoking room.

Tanish performs really well and the fact that the housemates really did back bite about their relationship makes things worse in the house. Especially since Tejaswi is already sensitive about people speaking about her character.

The fact that Tanish’s story is actually real helps Tanish and Amit’s secret task. Soon, the nomination process begins. Bigg Boss invites housemates in twos to nominate two people.

Nandini apologises to Tanish for speaking about Sunainaa and him and she also says that she asked because she was interested in him. When Tanish says, “wish it was true”, she says it is real. Nandini also plays a separate game. Tanish never asked her, it was she who apologized but she doesn’t tell the truth to Geetha. She also reveals that Ganesh nominated Kaushal, but lies that she nominated Babu when in fact she nominated Tejaswi.

The nominees who are in the eviction process are Geetha, Kaushal, Deepthi, Tejaswi, Ganesh, Nandini, Shyamala and Babu. Geetha is also locked up in jail for speaking about nominations with the housemates. She is asked to write imposition stating ‘I will following the Bigg Boss rules’.

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