On Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Sunainaa, Nandhini and Ganesh picked up where they had left on Wednesday. They decided that they will give up on calls from their loved ones and told Bigg Boss that they are not ready to accept any of the sacrifices listed in the task.

In the morning, the contestants are instructed to do a task where they are asked to act as if they are from a town where a paanwala serves paan. The contestants performed different characters to get paan from the paanwala who was played by wild card entry, Pooja. Samrat, Deepthi, Amit and Geetha performed the best in the task and were selected to compete in the captaincy task. The four contestants were painted from top to toe and became models for Appy Fizz, and had to stand on top of buckets while the other contestants tried to get three contestants to give up. Kaushal, pours oil on everyone, which hurts the contestants’ eyes.

Tanish and others asked Kaushal how this is any better than Kireeti squeezing lime juice in his eyes. Kaushal gave the excuse that this was a task and that he did not do it to one person. Kaushal tried to make Geetha the captain. He even used a mop to push Amit off the bucket and did the same to Samrat. Babu, splashed a bucket of water at Deepthi, when the bucket touched Deepthi and she was off-balance.

Geetha was announced as the winner and became the captain of the house for the second time. House mates congratulated her. She saw Babu apologise to Deepthi and tell her that his intention was for either Samrat or Deepthi to become captain, but Geetha disagreed. She said that it didn’t look like he had pushed Deepthi off. His intentions were unclear. This frustrated Babu very much and he lost his temper. He asked Geetha how she would lead the house if she began her captaincy with groupism. Geetha bluntly said that it is her style and if Babu had any complaints, he should just take it to Nani or try to nominate her.

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