One flop should not slow down an actor and if we look at how the likes of Chiranjeevi and Amitabh Bachchan succeeded in their careers, they are never slowed down or upset with failures but raced ahead by delivering a hit even after dozen flops.

You may wonder why this philosophy and theology is being preached now, but its the need of the hour for Allu camp, as they unable to find a story for their happening star. Allu Arjun seems to have got upset with the result of Naa Peru Surya and he’s struggling since then to pick a story and his next film.

As a result of this confusion, already projects that got Vikram Kumar and VI Anand are getting delayed as the directors are working on the story part from a time. And then, Bunny liked few new stories but isn’t showing enough gut to go with them. That resulted in a huge confusion in Allu camp and now they are inviting every possible writer, director and newcomer to narrate a story to the Allu hero.

Rather worrying about the story that way, it’s better to choose a film and work out the regular commercial elements such that fans will not worry with the gap. Is that not a worthy advice?

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