Well, that almost makes up for Brexit and Trump. Almost.

Yes, Dani and Jack were the fans’ darlings, the bookies’ favourites, the obvious winners from the off… but at the last minute, it looked like something Will Young/Gareth Gates-esque might be about to happen.

Because yes, Laura had conducted herself with class and dignity throughout some extremely public, and regular, humiliations, and we were all rooting for her to find love… but we definitely weren’t rooting for her to win. And yes again, pleased she hooked up with a hottie – albeit a pretty bland one – but they certainly weren’t a stronger couple than Josh and Kaz… or even Wegan.

And yet somehow, even though Laura and Paul were definitely going to come fourth – they didn’t. But then they would definitely come third right? Um, nope. When Caroline Flack – in a dress apparently chosen for her by Andrew Brady – asked her how it felt to be in the final two, Laura replied, “Honestly, I’m so shocked” and you could feel the national swelling of #metoo.

Shocks like Dani and Jack not winning DO happen in Reality TV votes, especially when there’s such a clear winner, so people feel like they’re so safe that they don’t need to bother voting for them. Laura making the final two was the miracle Love Island producers must have been praying for, because it added some genuine tension to the most foregone conclusion of all time. It also meant that when Dani and Jack were triumphant, it was even more pleasing, moving and faith in fellow viewer restoring. All might not be right with the world, but it is with the Island.

NB: They need to sort out that love or money “twist” where one of the winners has to choose between sharing the £50,000 or keeping it all for themselves, because even Awful Adam wouldn’t keep it all so there is zero suspense and it’s just silly.

Dani and Jack winning Love Island is also one in the eye for all the show’s snobby critics. Out of a TV show written off as a tawdry, smutty shagfest has emerged one of the most pure, innocent love stories ever seen on the small screen. Dani and Jack fell in love the old fashioned way. They haven’t even snogged with tongues, let alone slept together, and it’s never been an issue – Jack knew Dani wasn’t that kind of girl and he respected her too much to ever pressure her… even though he must have been frustrated, what with hearing all his mates Doing Bits three inches from his bed in all directions every night. They were tested – more than any other couple on the show – and they always made it through to the other side. Their relationship was utterly heart-warming to watch grow, and if they’re not being signed up for a reality show of their own right at this very moment… well, they just must be.

And so we bid farewell to Love Island 2018, a series with an episode that resulted in a standing ovation in my living room – when Megan stole Wes from Laura – a beautiful love story, and far too many challenges where people had to hold food in their mouths and spit it out somewhere else. Not quite as good as the best series ever – 2 obv – or even 3, but still, any Love Island is better than no Love Island at all. So when does Love Island 2019 start then? Any chance it’s tonight at 9pm? Gulp.

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