Dream Girl 2 tosses some token sympathy her way but its understanding of womanhood boils down to her boobs, observes Sukanya Verma.

Being a woman is tougher than pretending to be one.

Dream Girl 2 tosses some token sympathy her way but its understanding of womanhood boils down to her boobs.

Two oranges in a bra and the horniest buffoons of Agra turn up dancing to her tune.

Why bother with empty talk when 133 minutes of your movie are only going to trip over her anatomy for pedestrian pleasure?

Back in 2019, a man’s instinctive comfort in exploring his feminine side and potential feminist over a relentless supply of saucy zingers and Ayushmann Khurrana’s coy, cheeky salvos elevated Director Raaj Shaandilyaa’s Dream Girl beyond yet another guy-posing-as-girl schtick.

But its shoddy sequel has neither the spirit nor sass, falling back on the same old phony comedy of contrivances that’s been done so much and so better.

Harking back to Govinda’s heyday humour when the likes of Aunty No 1 and Coolie No 1 tickled the bone in all their silly clamour and confusion, Dream Girl 2’s dated comic routine struggles to update a politically-incorrect premise.

It’s like digging for ‘woke’ elements in a distinctly David Dhawan space. Dhawan’s comedies worked better because they owned up to their absurdity and enjoyed the process to the hilt.

But Ayushmann’s stardom is rooted in ethical grandstanding.

Even his fun needs to have meaning.

Dream Girl 2’s brainless fervour may cut him some slack but its puerile temper and hackneyed jokes are more exhausting to watch than him juggling between two sexes.

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