Hayley Slater suffers a pregnancy scare in tonight’s EastEnders.

While out trying to learn the London roads with Kat they fall of the moped.

Hayley fears that her cousin will discover she’s up the duff and pretends that she’s not been harmed.

But it quickly becomes clear that all is not well so Kat and Jean convince her to go to A&E.

Hayley reluctantly agrees to visit hospital but is worried that her pregnancy secret will be exposed to her cousin.

Fortunately there are no complications and Hayley is relieved to find out her baby is perfectly fine.

Will Kat rumble her secret?

Meanwhile, Hunter doesn’t look too happy as he starts his new job at Ian and Masood’s restaurant.

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Soap blunders

  • Corrie weather change
  • Major problem with Phil’s revenge plan
  • EastEnders’ Mel and Kush break the law
  • Corrie baby Susie’s fall blunder

Hunter doesn’t seem very interested in proving himself but he suddenly gets interested when he overhears a private convesation.

He discovers that Ian is planning to marry his mum Mel within the next year.

Elsewhere, Billy changes the advert looking for new housemates to help Jay meet more women.

It appears his efforts may have paid off when Jay hits it off with one of the candidates.

*EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm

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