EastEnders viewers were freaked by tonight’s ‘disturbing ending’.

After another day of terrifying the Carters, evil Stuart Highway went into full psycho mode.

He started burning a photo of Tina and Mick, while topless for some unknown reason, then repeatedly shouted: "Never the Carters."

While this was going on, Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell finally gave in to their sexual urges and started snogging.

The two separate scenes were intercut – but surprised EastEnders fans found it slightly unnerving.

How does EastEnders today compare with the classic early episodes?

EastEnders has been going since 1985, meaning if you’re under the age of 33, the first episode of the show is older than you!

If you’ve ever wondered how the current goings-on in Albert Square compare with those early days of the soap, you now have a chance to find out. Thanks to UKTV Play, you can watch the old episodes all for free on demand HERE – featuring some legendary EastEnders characters (and a VERY young Ian Beale).

Stuart went on a weird rant against his brother Callum despite them seemingly settling their differences earlier.

He said: "Got yourself sorted nice little bird, nice little family. Walking about like you’re something -you ain’t nothing mate. There’s nothing for you there it’s just me and you."

The action swiftly shifted to Sharon, who stood up and kissed Keanu on the lips.

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Back to Stuart’s flat, and the psycho kept shouting: "Never the Carters."

He dropped the burning photo in the bin then started smashing the place up.

Returning to Phil’s house, his wife had her hands all over her toyboy lover.

EastEnders viewers admitted they found the ending unnerving.

One viewer said: "WHY THE F*** are they ruining Sheanu’s first kiss with shirtless Stuart rambling?"

Another added: "That ending was double disturbing"

A third said: "Aaaaaaaarrrghhh the sexy music in the sexy Sharon sex scene"

*EastEnders continues on Monday on BBC One at 8pm

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