‘We are planning to visit several cities now that they have shown their unconditional love for our film,’ Sunny Deol tells Subhash K Jha.

I haven’t spoken to Sunny Deol for ages. When the phone rings, and I see his name flashing, I know he’s calling because he is in a happy space.

Says Sunny, “I am indeed very happy. When we did the second part (of Gadar) we never knew it would be so loved by the audience.

“As you rightly put it, two whole generations have gone by since we did the first Gadar. And still people are as excited as they were the first time.

“I am amazed and very very happy. We need some hits to keep the film industry on its feet.”

When I remind Sunny that the collections of Gadar 2 on the opening day are as high as they were when the first Gadar had opened. Sunny laughs joyously, “Yes, I know. It’s God’s blessings and the love of the people.”

Sunny looks exactly the same now as he did in the first Gadar film. What is the secret recipe of his longevity?

Sunny is embarrassed. “I don’t know! Why do people call me Paaji? I don’t feel my age at all. I don’t think about how old I am. I’ve never done that,” he says.

“I’ve always done my work to the best of my abilities regardless of my age.”

When I mention the trashy malicious reviews of Gadar 2, he chuckles, “I’m used to it. I don’t pay attention to these things.”

Sunny and the Gadar team now plan a multiple city tour.

“The love of people everywhere has to be attended to. We are planning to visit several cities, now that they have shown their unconditional love for our film,” he says.

“I can’t believe people still love me so much.”

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