Jr NTR, who has earlier collaborated with SS Rajamouli on Student No 1, Simhadri and Yamadonga, talks about the "anticipation and expectation" around RRR.

Actor Jr NTR has opened up about working with RRR director SS Rajamouli. Calling him a “task master”, Jr NTR said that Rajamouli wanted him to be in sync with his co-star Ram Charan in the RRR song “Naatu Naatu”. “He [Rajamouli] was so hell bent on both of us being in sync, he used to record the step, go back, step, freeze it, see how the legs are moving, see how the hands are moving, are they moving in sync or not?” the actor told Variety, adding that both Jr NTR and Ram Charan ended up giving about 18 retakes to get the steps perfectly.

However, it is only later that Jr NTR realised why Rajamouli was ‘so adamant in achieving the sync and why they were shooting 12 hours a day to achieve it.’ “When the song released and I was watching online, I was watching people’s comments, and everybody was just talking about the sync. I just called him and I said, ‘How do you know this?’ He’s a taskmaster. And that’s why he’s one of the biggest directors of India, and today, the song is viral,” he said.

The actor, who has earlier collaborated with SS Rajamouli on Student No 1, Simhadri and Yamadonga, also talked about the “anticipation and expectation” around RRR.

“Anticipation and expectation is something we’ll have to deal with, and being associated with Rajamouli, you know that this person is not going to go wrong,” said NTR Jr. He added, “This guy really has not let people down with their expectations, no matter what they are.”


RRR will release on January 7, 2022.

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