Kalyan Ram hopes to spread the Sankranti cheer with Entha Manchivadavura

When Kalyan Ram’s film to be directed by Satish Vegesna was announced, many people were surprised. The reason: Satish Vegesna is known to make family dramas and such films target only a limited audience and not the youth. There is also a tendency to think his films are preachy and give lessons on relationships. On the eve of the release of Entha Manchivadavura, Kalyan Ram agrees it is a family story but disagrees it targets a certain segment. The movie, a remake of Gujarati film Oxygen has been changed keeping the core point intact. He shares, “After 118, I listened to many scripts and remake stories. One day I watched the Gujarati movie and liked one element in it.Satish changed the script and there are no lectures on how one should be and not be. It is a character’s journey; by picking a relation, he fulfils someone else’s emotion.”

Kalyan Ram stresses the importance of having people around you and being good to them. He says all people are good, but certain actions of theirs offend us and we label them bad. The concept tells people to spread positivity. The hero takes an episode from his childhood to help others. Given a choice he could have turned bitter but he chooses a better path. It is all about giving. He recalls, “Even the title which is taken from a song from Nammina Buntu reflects ninduthanam and Teluguthanam just like Satamanam Bhavati and Srinivasa Kalyanam. The title is apt like the character. When my relatives leave, I feel bad. I wish they could stay home for a few more days. With nuclear families we miss on many things. I spend time with my family before stepping out to work. Being amongst loved ones is a good feeling.”

The movie isn’t about one story but there are multiple stories and the hero enters their lives to change it for the better. Kalyanrecalls being bombarded by thriller stories post the release of 118. He wanted to do something different and picked this one. “ I wanted to work in a family oriented subject. After watching seeing Satamanam Bhavati, my wife asked why I don’t do such subjects. I told her that the director should trust and feel that he suits the character.” he says.

Satish Vegesna’s instructions to Kalyan Ram were simple; he wanted him to be natural, the way he is at home. He didn’t want Kalyan Ram to look serious and preferred a smiling and a warm look. The story is about a guy who does short films and Mehreen supports him in his journey. The film has commercial elements and is not like a television serial. The film wrapped up in the stipulated time.

As there was no mobile network in Munnar where they shot, they spent the entire day without phones and the team bonded and had a great time. Ask him this Sankranti is the right time to release, because there are two other big films already, and Kalyan Ram sounds confident . “Sankranti is a farmer’s and film industry’s festival . We have at least five films a mix of big and medium-budget projects that release during this time. After January, students prepare for examinations. So we decided on this date . For the budget we shot, we are confident of recovering the cost.”

Finally, he says his nature like the character in the film is simple. He likes to stay in his space and will move out if he knows he doesn’t fit there. , is a song in the movie that sums up the entire story. “Satish wanted a change in cast and crew and didn’t want to repeat them. Since he had worked with Mickey J Meyer, we went for Gopi Sunder, after seeing his background score in Ninnu Kori. With seasoned actors like Vijay Kumar, Tanikella Bharani, Naresh, Suhasini, Shubalekha Sudhakar, Rajiv Kanakala and Vennela KishoreI am positive the film will be received well.”

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