A leaked image of merchandise packaging has revealed a drastically new design for Thor’s costume in the upcoming Avengers 4. Shared on Instagram, the image reveals the backside of a toy box, and shows Thor and Rocket Raccoon wearing coordinated suits.

Visually, the suits look similar to Hank Pym and Scott Lang’s Quantum Realm costumes, which possibly confirms that the surviving characters will travel to alternate dimensions or through time in the fourth Avengers film. Leaked set pictures from the movie had revealed characters such as Iron Man, Ant-Man and The Incredible Hulk back at the Battle of New York, but with curious gizmos on their bodies. These could have been placeholders for CGI additions.

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The toy box also reveals Captain America in a similar costume, suggesting that the Avengers will reassemble in some form in the upcoming film. Half the universe’s population and half the Avengers were ‘killed’ at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, when the villainous Thanos snapped his fingers.

Set pictures, an unofficial plot synopsis and several first person accounts have suggested that some sort of rescue mission will be staged in Avengers 4, culminating in a last stand against Thanos.

Previously leaked images of concept art had revealed brand new looks for the characters – Captain America had shaved off his beard, Black Widow’s hair was braided, and Hulk was wearing a blue suit. The images also revealed Thanos’ new weapon, a double-edged sword, after the Infinity Gauntlet was damaged at the end of Infinity War.

The fourth Avengers film will be released in May, 2019, and will serve as a conclusion to this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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First Published: Oct 17, 2018 19:30 IST

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