Love Island viewers are, quite possibly, the most opinionated bunch of TV fans we ever did see. Not that we’re complaining, because that’s just half the fun of the show…

But it’s fair to say that the Love Island results were always going to be divisive. We all seemed pretty certain that Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer were going to win (agreed?) but what people couldn’t get on the same page about was the running order after that.

We now know that Laura Anderson and her man Paul Knops came in second. This, apparently, caused quite a reaction from fans at home – and it largely seems to be down to the fact that they were the only unofficial couple left in the final.

But, as with most controversies, people seem to love the idea of a conspiracy theory.

Most people on Twitter seem to have decided that there were two factors involved in Laura and Paul’s runner-up position – 1) she had the backing of “the whole of Scotland”, apparently, and 2) Britney Spears did it. Right.

“Maybe it’s not Scotland supporting Laura but Britney supporting Paul that’s gotten them this far,” one fan chimed in.

Whilst we think this is all very amusing indeed, we think it’s much more likely that Laura’s rollercoaster journey played a part in her success on the show.

And we’re sure you agree that she certainly deserved her place in the final.

Love Island: The Reunion Show will air this Sunday (August 5) at 9pm on ITV2.

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