“Don’t come for me!” McCain exclaims during feisty exchange with the CNN star.

A conversation about Ivanka Trump took a wild left turn on Friday’s season finale of "The View," as co-hosts Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro started going at it defending Fox News and CNN, respectively.

The show kicked off its last episode of the summer by discussing Ivanka saying she doesn’t believe the press is the enemy of the state in an interview with Axios, where she also called the immigration battle that resulted in children being separated from their parents a "low point" for her.

Both answers seem to be against her father’s beliefs, something Navarro, McCain, Sunny Hostin and guest host Michael Aveantti called her out on.

"When Ivanka first came on the scene and we learned she was going to be a senior assistant to the president, part of the administration, I thought this was going to be a great thing. I thought she was going to soften up her father, have some influence on her father," said Navarro. "But the act of, ‘I am vehemently against this, I am vehemently against that,’ but at the same time I stay in this complicit administration, and I cash in and laugh all the way to the bank, getting patents in China and selling stuff there, the act is getting a little old."

"Girl, if you are vehemently against family separation and it’s offensive to you, if you believe the press is not the enemy of the people, quit," she added. "You can’t quit being his daughter, but you can quit being in the administration. You can’t have it both ways."

Hostin said the interview shows "she has zero influence on her father and her position is to advise her father," with Avenatti adding that Ivanka has "been late" on almost every issue she promised to stand up for.

McCain also thought it was odd that Ivanka wasn’t sticking to "the narrative" of the family. "The family sticks together and you put out one narrative and now he’s sort of doing a little bit of damage control," she added.

Here’s where things started to go off the tracks, as McCain then said that while she doesn’t agree media is the "enemy" — a term she’d reserve for ISIS, not the press — she does believe there’s "media liberal bias."

"It’s something that’s real and really exists," she said. "I would rather have the conversation about why Republicans don’t have the same fair and balanced coverage Democrats do, than automatically jumping to terminology like enemy."

Avenatti was the first to clap back, telling her, "Well, Meghan, Republicans have a station that’s dedicated to propaganda." McCain then said Democrats have one too, CNN. And that set Navarro off.

"CNN tries to be very balanced. CNN has commentators on like me and every time I’m on, I’m on against somebody defending Trump," Ana said, before bringing up McCain’s history at MSNBC.

"That was a very, very long time ago, don’t come for me," Meghan shot back, as Navarro talked over her, saying, "You just came for CNN knowing I’m a CNNer."

"It wasn’t directed at you. This is our last show, I’ve really enjoyed this season. I am not interested in redoing arguments you and I have had Ana, we vastly look at this differently," McCain responded. "I do think I represent a lot of Republicans in the country who think CNN — by the way, Jake Tapper is one of the best journalists in the country — but CNN does have a bias among Trump supporters and Republicans."

She then thanked the "one lady" in the audience who clapped for her. "Why are you re-litigating my career right now?" she then asked Navarro.

"Because you are attacking CNN, which is my career," she shot back.

At that point, Joy tried to get the conversation on track, and mostly succeeded. McCain stayed silent through the next topic, but before the commercial break added, "I worked at MSNBC, I was a host on Fox, there’s a big difference."

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