In tonight’s episode of Naagin 5, Balwant (Parag Tyagi) pleads Veer to help them as the gandhak patthar continues to hold them mid-air. Instead of helping Balwant, Veer teases the red stone and doesn’t know how to control its power. Balwant asks him to recite the traditional mantras that his ancestors had taught him to have control over the red stone.

Veer (Dheeraj Dhoopar) tries to flee from the spot. Bani (Surbhi Chandna) wonders why Veer was running away from the red stone. He flees from the house and ends up at Jay’s place. Veer complains to Jay that he had asked him to find the red stone.

As the red stone continues to lay its wrath upon Balwant and the rest of the cheels, Bani uses her Naagin strength to save each and every one of them. Bani overpowers the strength of the red stone. She finally manages to capture the stone in her hands and everything settles down. Bani quickly rushes to her bedroom and locks the stone in her closet.

Bani tries to connect the dots on why Balwant wanted the red stone and how Veer was so clueless about it. She recalls several incidents to come to a conclusion but she fails. However, she again questions Veer’s identity and feels what if this Veer is just an impersonator.

Veer and Bani recall their past and how was their relationship during Satyug. Bani asks Veer what did he call her when they first met. He tries to recall and replies Jaadoo. She then imposes several questions from their past to find out whether Veer answers everything right. And if he doesn’t, it will clear that this Veer is not the real one. Finally, Bani catches Veer’s lies. Veer, on the other hand, thinks that he got away with it since he became a yes man for her.

Since Bani has now found the real truth of Veer’s identity, she tries to find out from where and whom did the impersonator got all the information about her and Veer’s past. She also wants to know his real intentions.

Balwant and his family vows to kill Bani and plots against her. They feel that Veer saved them from the gandhak patthar. Bani calls up Meera di and informs her that this Veer is an impersonator and instead he is one of the cheels.

Veer and Balwant come looking for Bani. She tells them that she saw everyone of them floating in the air and it happened because of the gandhak patthar. Bani asks Balwant to find the stone. As Balwant asks Veer to get the stone, Bani covers him up and says it flew away in thin air. As Veer fumbles, Bani says she knows that the red stone is somewhere in the Chandu mountain.

Jay (Mohit Sehgal) and Mayuri feel scared that their secret might get blown off after Bani and Veer will find the gandhak patthar. On the other hand, Veer feels Bani is trying to hide something and there’s some secret motive behind finding the gandhak patthar.

Meanwhile, the lady Pujari secretly meets Bani and tells her that the red stone follows the commands from the Cheels. She further tells her that even a Naagin can control it. However, she suddenly stops talking since she cannot reveal everything to her at this moment. She asks Bani to be safe. Bani rushes to her bedroom and tries to hold the red stone in her hands but it keeps slipping. She finally gets a hold of it and wraps it up in a red cloth.

Veer also agrees to go with Bani on her quest to find the stone. Bani looks surprised but still goes alongwith him in the car. Mayuri and Shukla follow them in another car and inform Jay that they have narrated the plan to Shakura.

Jay reaches the Chandoo forest and uses some mayavi rass that fades away the reality and only he can make it if it real or fake. Meanwhile, Bani asks Veer to stop the car in the middle of the road. She suggests Veer that he can call the red stone here since they have landed in a secluded place. Veer miserable fails in his attempt and flies away.

As Bani takes a few steps, she realises that the place has been meddled with a some magic spell that hides the reality. She turns into a Naagin but all of a sudden gets attacked by a few Cheels. She lands up in a cave as Mayuri and Shukla confront her. Bani gets surprised to see Shukla there. Mayuri uses her powers and traps Bani in a jail. Shukla mocks Bani calling her the half-Naagin. To which, Bani replies, ‘To tumhe pata tha meri sachhai.’

Shukla and Mayuri tells Bani that they knew about her real identity from a very long time. Bani threatens both Shukla and Mayuri that she will teach them a lesson. As Mayuri and Shukla turn around and walk away, they realise that they both have been trapped by Bani. The magic reserved because of the gandhak patthar. Bani chokes Mayuri and asks her the whereabouts of Veer.

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