Neighbours fans will see Aaron Brennan’s attempts to impress Paul Robinson backfire badly next week.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) is keen to get in the good books of his future father-in-law and spies an opportunity when Paul starts focusing on improving life for his family.

Next week, Paul (Stefan Dennis) decides to give his loved ones his full attention for a while, after receiving yet another romantic rejection from Terese Willis.

As Paul licks his wounds, he takes his mind off his heartbreak by trying to help his son David Tanaka progress with his career.

When Paul learns that David is specialising in surgery but is lacking support, he creates a mentorship program specifically for his son, wanting to give him a push up the career ladder.

With David’s problems sorted, Aaron sees that Paul may need another new project and asks him to become his business mentor.

Aaron reckons this is the perfect way to earn some extra brownie points with Paul, but things turn sour when Paul takes a look at his books.

Much to Paul’s dismay, the figures show that Aaron is on the brink of financial collapse and the future of his mini-gym The Shed is in doubt.

As Aaron reels from the bad news, Paul goes to Mishti Sharma and offers to buy her share of the struggling business. But is this what Aaron really wants? Could working with bossy Paul prove to be the ultimate nightmare for laid-back Aaron?

Neighbours airs these scenes on Friday, August 10 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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