Directed and co-written by Aditya Rathi, Photo Prem features Neena Kulkarni, Amita Khopkar and Sameer Dharamadhikari in pivotal roles.

The first trailer of upcoming Marathi drama titled Photo Prem was released on Monday. Directed and co-written by Aditya Rathi, the film features Neena Kulkarni, Amita Khopkar and Sameer Dharamadhikari in pivotal roles.

The trailer offers an interesting glimpse into the world of Maee, who attends an elderly woman’s prayer meet which is held by showcasing a photo from her childhood days. This makes Maee fearful of her own future – what if she too is remembered like this after she passes away? And so her search to click that perfect snap begins. However, there is one tiny snag — Maee is photophobic.

So, the question remains — Will Maee be able to overcome her fear and as a byproduct, celebrate life more fully and ‘capture’ the present moment, or will she live the rest of her life scared of how she will be looked at once she is gone? This is an interesting premise, but it can come off as cheesy and cliched if not dealt with gentle, intelligent hands.

Talking about Photo Prem, director Aditya Rathi said in a statement, “Photo Prem is an unusual story of a very usual scenario that everyone can relate to. It beautifully depicts the emotional and the most common human side of any person where they start thinking about how the world will remember them once they cease to exist. I am glad to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video which will enable us to reach out to audiences across the length and breadth of the country, beyond Marathi speaking viewers.”

Neena Kulkarni added, “Photo Prem has such a nuanced and thoughtful storyline and it has been nothing short of a privilege to play a lead in this film. The movie portrays one of the most innocent and purest emotions, and I did everything in my capability to do justice with the character. The quintessential story of ‘Maee’ in Photo Prem is one which deserves to be showcased as widely as possible. It is a movie for everyone and I hope it will be showered with the same quantum of love with which we made it.”

Photo Prem will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on May 7.

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