Vote outs are never devoid of drama and fights. Gang leaders Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia will once again find themselves at loggerheads.

Week after week, MTV Roadies Xtreme has been keeping the audience hooked. From thrilling tasks to exciting twists, there’s no dearth of suspense on the popular adventure reality show. And in today’s episode, gang leaders Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula will be betrayed by their gangs during the vote outs. Added to that, there will be a high adrenaline task which will leave one contestant badly injured.

As the vote out will begin, Nikhil, who won a partial immunity, will decide to offer the same to Rohan Hingorani. With Shruti Sinha and Mehekdeep Singh becoming targets, Nikhil and Prince’s gang would decide to target Kashish Thakur from Neha’s gang. But things are never so easy on Roadies and in a shocking twist, friends and gangs would betray each other to vote one of the strongest contestants out of the show. Who is it? Well, you will have to wait to know that.

Vote outs also are never devoid of drama and fights. Gang leaders Prince and Neha will once again find themselves at loggerheads. With Prince telling Neha that her gang has managed to survive because of him, the lady would be deeply offended and even stage a walkout from the sets.

The new day would further bring along another extreme task for the contestants. And this time, the gang leaders would also be asked to participate in the same. Aptly titled ‘tick-tick-bomb’, the exhilarating task will include one gang member to cross a hurdle and then pull up another gang member, who would further instruct the last one on how to defuse the bomb. The one with the bomb would be blindfolded, making it really dangerous for them. During the same task, Rohan will have a fatal fall that would injure his ribs, thus threatening Nikhil’s gang’s survival.

Catch the exciting episode this Sunday at 7 pm on MTV.

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