Bigg Boss 3 is getting ready to roll and the list of final contestants is going to be finalised very soon. Reports are doing rounds that when Star Maa team approached some high profile celebs, their remuneration demands have given them a weird shock.

Talk is that Bigg Boss 3 team approached hero turned comedian Sunil to take part in the show. While the proven comedian is interested to join the show, he is said to have demanded almost 25 lakhs per day to come aboard. So far, Bigg Boss organisers have paid the highest amount of 1 lakh/day to the likes of Geetha Madhuri, and they can’t go beyond 2-3 lakhs/day now. So they have to crisscross Sunil from their list without any second thought.

On the other hand, a comedian like Sunil who gets paid anywhere between 5-10 lakhs/day for films, isn’t being sensible by demanding 25 lakhs. Some say that maybe he’s not interested in Bigg Boss and hence scared the organisers away with this demand, rather saying a straight no on their face.

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