When it comes to taking some crucial decisions, Allu Arvind reacts mostly basing the market capability and current form of a director. Even if the director is legendary, he won’t take him aboard if his form is not good enough. The same thing is happening with this Tamil director again.

Back then, AR Murugadoss tried directing many mega heroes but finally, he is roaming around Allu Arjun to make his next Telugu-Tamil bilingual. Though the director realised that he is yet to catch the pulse of Telugu audiences when it comes to carving scenes that will have nativity factor, he still wants to do Telugu films.

While the director is said to be looking forward to teaming up with Geetha Arts and Allu Arjun, the latest buzz has that Allu Arvind has cancelled this project finally after looking at the way the director’s Darbar did at the box office. With such poor form, he expects the director only forming a hurdle to Bunny’s rising stardom.

On the other hand, Murugadoss is said to have gone to Vijay again and might come up with Thupaki 2 if reports are to be believed.

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